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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Old songs.

Recently was digging many old and nice songs to listen.. They are really 经典.. Here are the some of the song that i like to recommend.

月亮代表我的心-邓丽君 <--- i love this

If interested, can go find and listen.. downloading illegally is not recommended.. origianal.. ^^V

Recently very stress about the school project and coming exam.. actually im giving more than enough time to do.. but dunno why.. i just stress.. already been 3 days no touching anything about the project and exam.. just slack slack slack.. start to procrastinate agian..

oh yea.. remember that i bought a book " why procrastinate? a teenager guide to overcoming procrastinate ". where is it ah? oh yea.. is underneath my stack of book... slowly pull it out... flip flip a few pages.. dunno where i stop.. may be should really finish read the book then really wont be so lazy .. cuz really beign lazy for the pass few weeks...

agian that i sleep late at night. and now almost morning at 6am... I WANT sleep early wake up early..but i just cant... :( is not like im doing my work that i sleep so late may be can say early in the morning.. i just doing nth clicking around the internet..haiz..useless me..

is 30th aug.. im officially 23 year old 10 days.. Nth special for the pass 23 years.. just the same useless me... im going to finish my adv diploma in the end of the year and will start working.. really had to be very rajin already.. cuz not young... think i had say this when im 20 also.. same.. feel like there is something lack out.. hmmm? gf? dunno.. girls are sometimes very troublesome..but i really wish that there is a girl can come give me some trouble...haha.. ok..that is a wish..

ok.. First of the time i reveal myself for the end of the blog.. ^^V


Strong password part 2

Example of poor password:

o Password
o 1234356
o Qwerty
o imusinghpmonitor

the above password can be crack easily within a min. usually less then 10 seconds. izzit time to change ur password if it shown above? yes, you have to..

Example of strong password

o misSG123.local
o Sing@p0re
o G00dMoring
o T0d@yis@g00dd@y

Choosing a too complex password may result in shoulder surfing* when u type in the password slowly. so make sure that u can type in your password fast and dont need to look at the keybaord.

*shoulder surfing- where people try to look at what you key in during the time you type in your password.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Strong password

Yo.. today i decide to teach you guys how to construct a strong password and how to protect your password.

How important is a password? we need them to access our email account and log in our computer. But why we need it? if there is no password everyone can read our mail right? so we need a password which is only known by ourself then only we can secure our email account.

A strong password is designed to counter password cracking program. Some of the famous password carking methods are brute force attack, dictionary attack and password guessing. A weak password can be easily crack by this password cracking program in seconds.

Strong password must at least meet ALL of the following:

oContain both lower case and upper case character, (e.g. a, b, c…, A, B, C….)
oContain both numbers and punctuation characters. (e.g. 1, 2, 3…! @ , #, $)
oPassword must be at least 10 characters
oPassword CANNOT contain any part of the username
oPassword CANNOT contain any personal information such as family name, birth date, pets name, etc.

Password Protection Standards

A strong password must enforce with a good password protection standards in order to make it more difficult to be compromise.


oDon’t reveal a password to anyone, this include your boss, your superior and the IT administrator.
oDon’t use a password for multiple accounts.
oDon’t share your password with anyone.
oDon’t reveal or hint the format or way that you construct your password.
oDon’t use the remember password feature in of application.
oDon’t write down your password on a sticky note and “ hide” somewhere
oDon’t write your password in any questionnaire.

If you absolute have to write down your password, write in down and keep it in a locked cabinet or if you going to safe in a computer or diskette, use encryption. Writing down a password is strongly not recommended.

And last.. at least change your password every 4 - 6 months. This can also minimize people misuse your password.

is got thing dunno understand. can post at comment. i will reply asap..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Me 23 liao

Officially 23 year old liao.. ^^V

Monday, August 18, 2008

What is the colour of tennis ball?

For the pass 23 year i thought that tennis ball is grenn in colour.. till a 4 year old girl tell me is yellow. but i still insist to say is green.. but when i search the internet some source actually say is yellow.. so is green or yellow.. YEllow?


can some one tell me pls.. what colour is the tennis ball? any PRO tennis player?

As request by bunny.. another photo of him..

I think to much of the fren this is a rare picture.. he is smilling.. no act cool and look at the hair.. is not style..^^V

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My 23rd birthday dinner..

Thanks all the & co staff for the birthday song.. My frens.. sing three different version of birthday song.. love you all.. Muakz.. the girls bought me a wallet.. very nice.. like it.. the guys bought me condom.. reallly want to *faint*.. i already knew what is it when i fell the present.. then they die die want me open it in the middle of the strett. luckily a bit late liao.. so not much people walking around.. haha..

Thanks my oversea friend who greet me through the line.. Hui chiet from malaysia.. thank you.. and sheng yi from tasmania..thanks you..

this is the gift from the girls..

gift from the guys.

why they buy me this??

Inside is what?

this one. *faint*

The guys bought me this.

this is draw by bunny.. wishing me 23rd happy birthday with the brithday day w/O "H"
but anyway like it.. thanks.

Inside of the card look like this.. Full of message.. Terima Kasih

Back of the card.


this is bunny.the deisgner.

this is by fish&co and the picture and the top right is me and another guy celebrating his birthday at fish&co.

The Cake

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthday wishes..

yo.. haha.. have been lazy and not blog for quite a long time.. im just lazy k.. haha.. my freinds keep on askng me to update my blog.. say owes come to my blog why same de.. hahhaa.. ok ok .. no i write write something ah... hmmm

ok.. My brithday is coming.. My birthday wish this year - i want to have a girlfriend - wah hahahha.. what type of girl i like? Make sure u can find one for me before u ask..hahaha... actually no one is prefect de la.. most important is the feeling.. IF there is prefect one i will like to have
1) know how to play musical instrument ( piano will be advantage )
2) know how to dance
3) know how to sing
4) must be cute
5) thinking must be mature
6) will do house chore
7) know how to cook ( cuz i like to eat )
8) CANNNOT agree with me all the time
9) when i ask go where eat or watch what movie cannot give me the answer " shui bian "

the above nine is my minimum requirement for ideal gf..haha. since no one is prefect so i just choose 4 and 5... hahaha..but also feeling.. the most important one.. thats my first birthday wish..

2nd birthday wish is hop i can do well in all my coming exam.. graduate and find a good job.. ssalary not need high but must enough for me to use.. hehe ^^V

3rd birthday wished is , i hope everyone is healthy and happy.. ^^V

Monday, August 04, 2008

sentosa day..

today is my first day at sentosa after like almost not being there since like primary school? haha.. we reach the beack at 11 plus.. after settle down the we start playing volley ball in a circle.. and it was like 12 pm.. the sun is up there above our head.. haha.. after like 15 min of jump hit misss.. everyone release hot ahh.. then we stop... sitting there watching leng loi in bikini.. but actually not that much... hahaha...

Today i did two first time in my life..hahaha.. what is that? that is trying to float..but i cant:(... my friend told me that u come out to more deep part and u slowly fang song then can float liao.. but hor.. i only drown.. sien... after 30mins of struggling there. i gave up... hahaha.. may be try agian next time... yeah i cant swim..

the second first time is beach volleyball..first time play volleyball at the beach.. is not easy de lor.. haha.. but is fun la.. our group go " challenge " other ppl.. lost the first game.. sien.. haha.. the later in the afternoon we go challenge other group of ppl again.. we got like 7 games in a row... damn tired.. really exhausted... but really very very fun... wish to go agian..ahahhahha..

bah tired liao.. sleep first.. ^^V