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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

School start tmr ^^V

yo.. after a mth of boring time. finally tmr school start liao.. although this term is the most difficult term but im so gan cheong looking forward for it.. hehe..

ok.. short one.. hehe

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

为什么? 不想是任何人的代替品。。

哈罗! 很奇怪吧。为什么会是华文的。因为我知道有一个笨蛋会来读。所以。哈哈哈。。十一天前的今天 。。十月六日。。 是个很特别的日自子.。。那一天我找到了一 些东西。。。是什么呢?是感觉。一种很特别的感觉。。这种感觉不是三言两语可以解释得到的。。

在这世界的另外一个角落。。。有一个女生爱上了一个她重来没有见过面的男生。没见过那为什么又会爱山呢? 也许是感觉吧。。又是感觉。。感觉真的那么厉害吗? 我也不知道。

既然感觉真的那么厉害,那这感觉又是那里来的呢 ? 谈天说地的时候? 甜言密语的时候? 我觉得是承诺。承诺又是什么呢? 承诺就是对一个人的答应。也许承诺多了就会有感觉。

Giving a promise is easy but keeping a promise is difficult.. A Man is faithful to his gf.. A man never lie to his gf.. Breaking a promise = lying.. Be a man..

在感情的世界里承诺真的那么重要吗? 我觉得是很重要。不要问我为什么。就是很重要。就应为我知道很重要所以我不会随便许下任何的承诺。也许是还没有事业有成吧。但我在这里可以给你一个承诺。那就是当我事业有成时我会在给你更多的承诺。。


Monday, October 06, 2008

Johor Trip

Yeah..BAck from johor.. hehe.. agian as usual will go eat seafood after the shooping.. this time also really eat till full full.. and the boss is so kind giving us a free coconut puding to eat.. It is a coconut agar agar in the coconut..haha.. can understand ? If cannot call me.. I'll tell you.. YEah.. the boss of cuz will be so kind..cuz whenever we go also we spend like RM120- 150 for 3 person..

I only bought 5 shirt nia lo... not so enough lehh.. haiz.. 1 x converse 2 x Body Glove and 2 x Astro Boy.. hehehe.. ARghhh.. Not enough.. there is still many other things i wanted to buy but no buy :(

When come back, this time is got a bit exception.. The bus que is not long but we agian walk across the bridge.. haha.. and sun bian see if the turning water is still turning.. yeah is not Turning anymore.. But this time i found something very funny and interesting.. LOOK

cannot see?

Here you go...

The Road sign is up side down hanging up there..

Oh yea.. i also had my hair cut.. RM33 Cut and Wash at REDs not bad.. hehe.. bye bye my long hair and welcome my spicky.. ^^V

Friday, October 03, 2008


Yo.. Yea i know long time i didnt update my blog liao and there is people complaining why always nothing one when come.. ok.. i iwll tell you all what i up to lately...

Having holiday now.. first week of holiday..went out on wed to Adam Tan house for hari raya visit.. thats all for today..ahhaha.. will be going to johor for shooping and seafood agian this coming sunday.. yum yum...

Recently more foucs on my other blog writing about computers, networking, information security and so.. If interested u can go visit.

Really dont what to write already.. hehe.. will update agian when i come back from johor..and see weather the turning water is still there..^^V

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya to ALL my Malays friend.. ^^V