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Sunday, September 28, 2008

First night race in the history..

Yo..This is the first time i watch a F1 race from the start till he end. haha... cuz is the first night race in the formula one history.. and it is host in singapore.. i dun have $$$ to buy the tickets to go watch live but i buy some snacks and sit at home to watch it live on tv..haha.. The result:

1st - Fernando Aloson (Renault)
2nd - Nico Rosberg (Williams-TOyota)
3rd - Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes)

Many disaster happening during the race. here are some of the unofficially summary.

Nelsinho Piquest is the first to crash in the race at the 13rd laps.Adrian Sutil is the second one to crash.. The cause of this crash is when a ferrari driver got his way wrong on the track and try to turn back, the incoming car(Adrian Sutil)doesnt react fast enough and got his car crash into the wall. The third car which crash is Ferrari's Kimi Räikkönen which crash himself into the wall at the 57th laps.

During the pit stop Felipe Massa ferrari driver drive off before the fuel pump is detached from his car then he need to wait his team mechanic to run over to his car and detach the fuel pump before he can drive out and this resulting him finish at the 13th place.

Overall the race is nice and very exciting.^^V

Finish exam..

Yeah Yeahh.. Finally exam is over.. now having a mth holiday..Hmm.. what can i do during this mth ? work ? i dunno.. abit lazy.. hehehe.. prepare for the next term module.. sure will... Im thinking of getting another certification..The comptia security+..but is $485 for the exam i think.. so expensive :(.. not very confident to take.. cuz it need more than 70 or 80% to pass... is either pass or fail.. if you more than 70 then pass.. if less than 70 pay another $485 and take agian..

so this to take really slake like a pig at home doing nth... yea.. one more sad thing.. i gain 5kg during the last two mths.. :(..keep on eat and eat and eat non stop.. everytime exam time when pressure will eat eat eat one..dunno why.. so back to like last time..fat agian... haizz..need to start exercising liao.. ^^V ah bah.. sure i will one..hehe

I had started a new blog.. can go and support.. mainly will write somethings about computers...

Friday, September 26, 2008

is a chinese song..

uh- la la la...

最难以渡过谁陪我 陪著我一直不放手
当泪流在眼眸 是谁让我依靠诉说?
有了快乐欢笑时候 和谁享受?
曾有过和我双手紧紧握 是谁?

我和你分开两端 别离渡过的夜晚
只见月娘在天边 泪一点一滴流
我和你分开两端 别离渡过的夜晚
只见月娘在天边 泪一直流

真的坚强 怎样才对 让我心明白的人那是谁?
又曾是谁 温柔以对 那感觉让我有体会?
有了谁 让我才会 开始想迈步去追?
希望谁 手指放我发间 轻轻抚慰?
是谁有 耐心守著陪著我 不放弃念头?

我曾有 没有方向迷路的时候
也有过 长路漫漫那种感受
只能够 喃喃自语地对自己说

但愿今天到永久 祈祷这歌声能够
能传到你左右 在你身边停留
但愿今天到永久 祈祷这歌声能够
能传到你左右 陪你停留

但愿今天到永久 祈祷这歌声能够
能传到你左右 在你身边停留
但愿今天到永久 祈祷这歌声能够
能传到你左右 陪你停留


Monday, September 22, 2008


What it is truly be a man? IT has absolutely nothing to do with money, achievement, skills, professions, degrees, accomplishment. A real man loves his wife. A real man is faithful to his wife and a real man put his wife and his children as the most important thing In his life. ~
Frank Abagnale

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


TIme need to get ready to go out between boys and girls.










This is why guy always need to wait for girls..

My words to her

I had shoot up my wish to u with fireworks into the sky, can u see it?
May be you are to busy, u have miss it. But
The fireworks had merge together with the sky and fade into dark cloud?
Whenever you see its rain, every drop of rain, is my wishes to u.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random picture.

Photobucket Image Hosting
i macam very black ah. : (

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy birthday Bunny

Birthday boy BUnny and ME

Happy bithday ^^V

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Today is 2nd of sept..

Yeah.. wake up at noon time.. then forget about my project agian.. clicking around the internet and watching drama.. till 6 plus then go out have dinner at botak jones with frens.. after that went go do services with lun.. at there i bought two thing.. guest what...

This one lo...
one box of kit kat
$15.50 hehehe..


dun cheat by the angle..small bottle only.. 50ML

Monday, September 01, 2008

Back from johor...

YO.. just back from johor... went johor shopping and watch wallll eeeee... the movie ticket there is cheap comparing to singapore.. it cost us RM10.. but i think for many malaysian who work in malaysia will think it is very expensive.. cuz salary in malaysia is not high and things is expensive..

I like the wall eee adn evvaa.. hahaha.. nice cartoon.. i will give this cartoon a 9/10 score.. i dunno how to desribe how good is the cartoon.. you have to go and watch it to believe..haha. so part so touching.. ok.. for those who not yet watch. go and watch..gogogogo

Today i got my self 2 x shirt and 3 x jeans.. spend RM340.. convert back is like only S$140++.. so still cheap i think.. one item is less then S$30... after shopping around in city square, we went one place dunno where to eat seafood... wah.. damn full ok.. we order butter milk crayfish,fried chicken, salad you tiao, bbq stingray and frog... is my first time i eat frog... actually not realy very dare to eat..hahaha.. just throw inside my mouth and tell my self is fish when chewing..hahaha.. is nice thou.. not so bad..

After finish our dinner we took a taxi back to the checkpoint then back singapore.. taxi ride cost us RM8.. after passing the malaysia immigration.. guess what.. the last yellow bus which we usually took have left..then we got to take another bus but many people is queing.. so we decide to walk back again.. this is my 2nd time walking acrooss the bridge..this time i discover something very very stange.. i spot the water is turning and sucking everything around it into the water.. we stand there for around 10-15 min.. it still turning.. dunno what is it.. i even took a video.. haha.. but is a bit blur.. watch this video u got to turn ur head a bit..

oh yea.. I got two weeks of so call" holiday ".. haha... actually is project and exam week...exam is one the 21.. and my project due on the 16th.. got to start working through the project and flip flip my course book already..

Bah wish me luck.. ^^V