Love at first sight...

Saturday, May 31, 2008

consider cheating?

Not telling and telling different from the truth...

Consider in a relationship.. when the guy did something ,he didnt tell the girl.. but when the girl ask the guy will tell the truth.. is this still consider cheating?
i think is not.. not telling and telling different from the truth is two different thing..

i did something very worng yesterday.. i shouldnt have did it.. i cant forgive myself.. and i fell so sorry for her.. i was so emo all night.. till that i ask her for fell better now.. im happi that she will forgive and understand what i had did.. but i cant forgive myself.. and so sorry to all my fren that had worry about that morning...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First time.

When you look at me, I haven’t say anything
You had already figured it out
I’m still not certain
I still haven’t filled your requests
Is it that I’m thinking too much..
..or that you are also avoiding?
If you’ve really chosen me
I’ll muster up the courage to accept
Unwittingly, my line of sight has begun to become evasive
The first time I said I loved you
Breathing was hard, my heart wouldn’t stop trembling
The first time I held your two hands
I lost my direction, didn’t know where am I going..
That’s the reason for us to be in love
That’s the two of us protecting each other
The first time I kiss you deeply
I wanted to be sober, but I became giddy.
The first time you lay down on my chest
We didn’t want to be apart
That was the first time I know what everlasting and unchanging meant
I love you

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stress lo..

4 Exam,2 assignment and 1 presentation... all come in at the same time.. stress man.. currently doing my first assigment.. lots of information to prepare.. lots of thing to read.. i really hope that our mind can just like computer..we just type type and click safe.. everything will be inside... that will be so good right..

today going out with a new friend from brunei.. we have dinner together and we walk from esplanade to clack quay.. far? dunno.. we just walk.. haha.. purpose of walking so long distance is just because yi ping and aunty fang want to buy ice cream..

so tired today... i can feel that my shoulder is so pain and like very difficult to move.. tired but dun feel like sleeping..

exam coming in 5 weeks time.. jia you to me.. please finish my assigment and preparED my presentation 2 weeks before the i will have a bit time to study.. izzit poosible to study 40++ chapters in two weeks? around 3000 pages.. hmm. lets do the maths.. 3000 / 14 = 214.285. each day study 200++ pages.. sound easy.. hahha.. anyway.. i want to get a good grade this time.. wish me luck..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where is My phone?

Arghhhhh.. i lost my phone.. is just a mth old lo.. so sad... inside got some memorable photo lo.. arghhhhhhh..... dunno which idiot took it... nvm...ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I need your love.

All I need is you and I can win any kind of fight so that I can defeat the darkness

I need your love.

It is only slipped a few more centimeters coincidence would become fate.

Because of that carefree happy voice of yours.

I get used to deep conversation and I’m drawn into them against my good judgment.

All I need is you, and I can go past even the farthest trails.

I’ll protect you until the end of time.

The water of the earth makes the transparent flowers bloom.

So that I can defeat the darkness.

I need your love.

Put into simple words.

Its just love.

New Book.

Today.. a very tired day... the day before i sleep at 4am but i woke up at 9 am..therefor i only having 5 hours sleep.. i went out at 1pm.. meet a friend at the gym.. but so lazy wo work out.. so just do some simple cycling and go use the sauna.. stay inside quite long.. when i was inside there is no one.. very quite.. then im start thinking.. what have i been doing for the pass 3 mths.. hmm.. basically nth.. today.. i knew her for 2 mths and 7 days.. on and off thinking of her while sweat coming out from all over my body.. then suddenly thought of my school exam.. will be coming in 7 weeks time.. and at the same time i got two assignment and 1 presentation to prepare which i only started a very little bit of them...

after that went shopping around in marina square then there is where i bought myself a book.. YES.. A book... the title is " Why Procrastinate? A Teenagers' guide to overcome Procrastination ".. ya bah.. i still teenager.. hahaha.. when i walk in to the book store.. i actually tell myself today i want to bring something back.. so i walk around.. flip flip..see see..look look.. finally.. this one..


Yes.. bought it at Times.. and it cost me $14.98.. althought it is small in size.. but i think it is worth the price if i can follow all the guide inside.. another reason i will buy this book is because inside there is some cartoons. so it wont be bored when u read comparing to those which contains only words...




i like this cartoon..haha..basically it is telling you to list down what you need to do and which one to do first.. that is what i owes do.. i always have a very nice to-do-list WITHOUT tick :(

After Times went MAC Donald have my fish burger while waiting for another two friend to join us.. after meeting them we went to play some pool/billiards... WAUU.. many ppl.. handsome, pretty, sexy, cute.. so many.. beside of our table is a couple.. the girl is so pretty.. good body figure, sweet smile, sexy.. i cant concentrate in my game..haha... even one of my girl's friend keep looking at her.. but for me i cant la.. cuz her bf is there..ahhahaha.. but she really pretty..

After finish a few game..we all have to walk very fast to the mrt station as our watch show 23.40.. but luckily we still able to catch the last train back.. i reach home at 1.30 cuz i still have to take bus after mrt.. today i totally exhausted.. After showering now im here updating blog..hehehe...

My to do list from tmr start:

1. study 3 hours or at least 1 each day and min know and understand everything in one chapter..( without miss a day ) this will be more than enough for my coming exam..

2. Spend 3 hours or min 2 to do assingment and prepare for presentation.. should can finish before the due that with at least a B if good.. hahah..

Fot this two mths ermm actualy one and 1/2... i only have to complete is two task.. can i? hope i can.. pls.. actually another one..

3. slim down.. hahaha.. at least 3 -5 kg la..pls.. now im 84Kg :(.. overweight by 10kg.. :(

Will update some of the things in my new book for you all to see.. ^^V

Monday, May 12, 2008

This few days keep missing her so much, and its start affecting my studies.. i know it cant be continue like that so i decide to tell her everythhing in my heart and no matter what is the reply i will accept.. so i decided to make a card for her and this is my first time making card wondering in the sationery shop dunno what to buy.. walk here and there and finally i got myself a pen knife, glue, ruler and some colour paper to make the card.. After completing the card, i put it in a box with the bottle of love , a card that i buy and also the letter that written everything in my heart..

today i went to her school withour telling in advance, her class ended at 5 so i reach the school one hour before and stand at the gate waiting for her.. after pass her the box, she go with her firend and i go myself.. an hour later she message me and say that she need to concentrate on the upcoming exam and dun want to have a relationship now.. I respect her decision..

after letting her know all this thing..i feel much more comfortable.. what i should do now is also concentrate on my up coming exam and assigmment.. at the same time i wish that we can keep in touch..



Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Im fat :(

this days i ate alots.. really cant control myself over eating.. yesterday me and 2 fren went eat seafood at newton food center.. everthing is ok except for the prawn.. its expensive and not so nice.. other was ok .. we eat till the max we can take in.. after that my stomach look so big.. look like pregant 5 mths. hahahha

then the next day went find her.. then we went to jurong east.. eat prata sausage..then after that mac cone ice cream.. then she told me not enough :( and want another prata sausage.. make me order another also.. so in total we ate 2 prata sausage + 1 cone ice cream. i full till the maxx oredi.. walk also slow.. she told me shes just nice. can take in one more prata sausage:( how can she eat so much.. if i dont see it myself i wont believe that she can eat so much.. cuz her size is so small lo.. tiny.. ahahhaha.. sighhhhh

then today..erm..should be yesterday..hahah.cuz over 12am.. my niece bday party.. then eat lots also... :(.. four day straight i eat so much lo... really so fat oredi:( tmr need to start exeercise.. hahaha..which i told myself everytime after i ate lots...

Bah. i of to bed liao.. o yea.. i won $50 when i play mahjong just now.. happy.. Night..

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Labour day..

Today is Labour day.. Public holiday for many people.. I start my 1st of may having two fish burger + one big cup of ice lemon tea + fries @ mac. Watched Iron man.. The first time i watch a movie so late or to say early in the morning? Haha.. movie start at 1.30am(stated on the ticket) but when go in the preview and advert is like 20 min lo.. so the actual time start is 1.50am... the movie is nice la.. can watch... 2 hour movie.. therefore end at 3.50am.. then come out chit chat a bit.. 4am flag a cab and reach home 4.30am..

When reach home, take shower and sit in the living room. thinking of her agian.. I really miss her very much.. Althought im making myself look very busy, went out watching movie, eat. but i still cant get her out from my mind.. everything i see happening around i will link to her.. When i see couple holding hand , i will think of when can we like them hold hand and go shopping together. when i see family in the restaurant i will think of in the future, we will bring our kids out shopping together.. Stupid right..?Everyday im worry about her weather she eat her breakfast o not. How is she doing in school. weather she go home late at night. how is her day today.. so many more thing..

she is getting busy and busier.. so the chance for me to meet her is lesser.. so sad.. she is busy with her school work. should i at the same time concentrate on my study and do well aslo. i remember the first time when i say i want to chase her. she turn me down and ask me to concentrate on my study.. Yes i did.. after that i got my MCP.. with her motivation i really can study very hard... is this the power of love? may be..

May be i really need concentrate in my studies.. but without her motivation i feel so weak to move on.. really wish to keep in touch with her.. wish that she will be there listening to me when im stress. of cuz i also wish that she will talk to me when she is not happy or stress at that we can motivate each other..

i know i cant hope much now as both of us need to study, but what i wish now is only that we can keep in touch.. thats all.. please dont avoid me girl.. i really do miss u alots.. :s

Sitting in the living room for 2 hours all thinking of her before went to bed at 7am.. sleep for few hour and wake up at 1 pm.. now still a bid dizzy.. but this is nothing compare the feeling of missing her.. heart is beating slow and heavy..

later tonight should i go out meet the same person again yesterday..spend money and eat lots.. thats the only way not to think of her so much.. hmm.. in planning.. ok.. i go sleep agian now.. later might go out meet them again.. sui sing zai jian. haha..