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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finish exam..

Yeah Yeahh.. Finally exam is over.. now having a mth holiday..Hmm.. what can i do during this mth ? work ? i dunno.. abit lazy.. hehehe.. prepare for the next term module.. sure will... Im thinking of getting another certification..The comptia security+..but is $485 for the exam i think.. so expensive :(.. not very confident to take.. cuz it need more than 70 or 80% to pass... is either pass or fail.. if you more than 70 then pass.. if less than 70 pay another $485 and take agian..

so this to take really slake like a pig at home doing nth... yea.. one more sad thing.. i gain 5kg during the last two mths.. :(..keep on eat and eat and eat non stop.. everytime exam time when pressure will eat eat eat one..dunno why.. so back to like last time..fat agian... haizz..need to start exercising liao.. ^^V ah bah.. sure i will one..hehe

I had started a new blog.. can go and support.. mainly will write somethings about computers...

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