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Sunday, September 28, 2008

First night race in the history..

Yo..This is the first time i watch a F1 race from the start till he end. haha... cuz is the first night race in the formula one history.. and it is host in singapore.. i dun have $$$ to buy the tickets to go watch live but i buy some snacks and sit at home to watch it live on tv..haha.. The result:

1st - Fernando Aloson (Renault)
2nd - Nico Rosberg (Williams-TOyota)
3rd - Lewis Hamilton (McLaren-Mercedes)

Many disaster happening during the race. here are some of the unofficially summary.

Nelsinho Piquest is the first to crash in the race at the 13rd laps.Adrian Sutil is the second one to crash.. The cause of this crash is when a ferrari driver got his way wrong on the track and try to turn back, the incoming car(Adrian Sutil)doesnt react fast enough and got his car crash into the wall. The third car which crash is Ferrari's Kimi Räikkönen which crash himself into the wall at the 57th laps.

During the pit stop Felipe Massa ferrari driver drive off before the fuel pump is detached from his car then he need to wait his team mechanic to run over to his car and detach the fuel pump before he can drive out and this resulting him finish at the 13th place.

Overall the race is nice and very exciting.^^V


Cl3m3nCe said...

my dear ah...i cannot deny that your english had really improve alot alot lo but still why you can never get your spelling correctly leh? you know if that happens in your test paper and your mark being deducted it's consider careless mistake very innocent wan lo...

Magician said...

My dear.. i had been in singapore for three years leh.. of cuz will improve abit la.. hehe but know what.. my malay so rusty liao.. last year when i went back brunei i paused 3 sec before i managed to order my murtabak...:(